Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Blog Plan

School has ended, and I really don't have any closing thoughts on what was taught. Finals and papers, that's about it. You are more than welcome to read my paper defending Enoch placement in the canon of scripture though:

The Summer Blog Plan is as follows:
1. Learn Koine Greek via
2. Possibly read through Bible in 2 months
3. Q & A ? / Current Events

It will be fun.


  1. Cool beans. Do you still need any funding for the Koine course?

  2. Yesh. Actually what I was requesting funding for was a TOTALe Hebrew course. But that's more my dream than anything. The TOTALe Hebrew is 1k and teaches pretty much fluent Hebrew. What I plan here for my blog study is only a $200 program. Still phenomenal program though. Just can't teach fluent Koine, it's a dead language.

  3. Lulwut, forgot about this. X_X How much do you lack/need to pay back the guy so you can retrieve your kidney from?