Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Atheists in Church

The issue was brought up multiple times, and is always brought up when I tell someone I'm an Atheist.

Truth be told though, I have not gone to church in a while. Mainly because it's too early in the morning for me and I always have work that night. My one problem with church was always it's totally inconvenient time. When they had Saturday night services I was thrilled, but that's stopped since.

Basically guys, it's a culture issue. My whole family is Christian, and like I said I was born and raised in that place. Luckily here in America Atheists have some freedom and ways to slip through the cracks. The most we have to feign is not digging in to eat during family meals before grace is said. But when it comes to holidays, all of the Christian holidays have pagan roots anyway and have commercial alternative ways of celebrating them and still feeling included in society.

Other cultures do not have it so easy. There are many non-believing Jews, for example. But they still participate in Shabat, Pesach, and Chanukkah. Atheistic Hindus may still go to their services simply because they find comfort in meditation and structure.

Furthermore, there are many Atheists in the pulpit. Yes, I said in the pulpit. Look it up, there's a few books on the subject and they can best answer for themselves why they pastor/priest when they don't believe in God.

So in conclusion, there are many reasons. But I can only answer for myself. =)


  1. I have a question. In your video you state that it's okay for an Atheist to search (which I'm not saying that it's wrong or right). And you being in church is one way you are searching. But how can you search for something when you've spent your whole life in it? If as an Atheist you're searching and want to know more, why don't you go branch out and seek other sources of guidance?
    Instead of going to the church you were raised in visit a place of another religion. I suppose I'm slightly confused.
    I can understand the searching thing because I was raised in a Christian home and I've come to disagree fully with a lot of the things I was taught.
    And on my current journey I AM searching. But while searching I'm not going to go to the one place I felt/feel the most comfortable. The place I spent so much of my life... the churches I spent my whole life in. In my search, I'd go to other places that I've never experienced or learned about. See what I mean? I'm terrible with explaining myself so I apologize if my question isn't clear. :)

  2. Your question is clear and I do appreciate it. I haven't at all addressed how exactly I can say I'm "searching." It's a combination of going through doors when they open, and having an open mind. I will probably go into that.. if I can formulate an answer.

    Your question though: "But how can you search for something when you've spent your whole life in it." Is troublesome. Christianity as a religion is hardly something you can understand in 23 years, certainly you know that. ;)

    I also encourage you to check out my forums. If you're into discussions at least.

    Doesn't mean I don't encourage comments here!! I definitely do! Just saying.