Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 1.3 - Hallway oddities classrom absurdities

Walking through the hallways today in college, I came across three separate occasions of group prayers. As a christian, seeing such interactions were heart-warming. Objectively? They're comparable to an insane asylum, honestly.

Two in particular stood out to me and made me walk quicker to my classroom. The third was quiet in nature between two people just holding hands and murmuring with their eyes closed.

The first two consisting of people screaming, mostly in what evangelicals call "tongues" (a christian language that even they do not understand but the spirit of God utters through them). It was passionate, and kind of frightening in a sense.

The second encounter was one man, in the hallway, standing in a corner crying and screaming "Help me Jesus!" and someone or another, some specific request to Jesus to help him understand something.

Now I'm not one to objectify people's personal experiences. But this was in public, and Christian college or not... odd and strange, and raised eyebrows from me at least.

Classroom absurdities? I have two words: Pat Robertson.

This Haitian man, whose working as the Teacher's Assistant, uttered the fatal words "pact with devil." I lost it. Asked him his sources, informed him that no, 90% of Haiti does not practice voodoo, but is actually Catholic. He insisted it was "history" (this vacuous title) and then did what every Christian does: make jabs at Catholicism as idolatrous in nature and having actually "synchronized" with voodoo. In other words, claim they are Catholic but actually practice voodoo.


But I have much else to share. Philosophy of Religion class: Excellent. Will reflect on that in a soon to follow post. I have "The Bible as Literature" in 10 minutes which is actually being held in the Teacher's lounge!

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